Joes VW Beetle

Front mount LSA and full custom chassis 

Joe had previously built this crazy Beetle with a custom chassis and blown small block chev, he had taken it to shows but not really driven it as he was finding it hard to engineer and obtain registration after the engineering test he had on the existing chassis etc failed, the engineer suggested that he contact us to build a new chassis and take care of all the nitty gritty mods to get his car to pass. We took the job on and began by 3D scanning the existing body and chassis, from there we used Solidworks to design a brand new chassis that would pass engineering specs. once the chassis was built it went through torsion and beaming tests which it passed with flying colours, we took care of chassis design and fab, and all other mechanical aspects of the build, and the car was left for Joe to pull down, paint and finish off at home.

Thanks, Joe for the opportunity to build such a cool car. we hope to see you on the road soon