Stuarts 1952 Suburban

We started by 3D scanning the original body and chassis, from there we designed a new IFS system specific to his needs and wheel and tyre combo, this burb runs the 20s in the front and 22s in the rear, and the original chassis was used, new boxing plates were designed and made which incorporated the IFS centre brace section with built-in gearbox mount, centre bearing mount and flows through into the rear clip, a parallel 4 link and watts link holds the diff in place, the upper 4 link bars have a bend in them to give clearance to the upper bag mount and give extra exhaust room, the beauty in designing everything in Solidworks means there is no guesswork, we do not have to touch or cut the car until all design work is complete and we know where each component will live. We can send out exhaust route, fluid plumbing, and anything else we need to, to make sure there is no guesswork on the workshop floor, Stuarts Burb runs a 9″ diff, Baer brakes LS3 with a Harrop blower, and billet specialties serpentine system.

Stuart plans on using this as a family cruiser so we were able to accommodate rear seats by using the 3D scan to work out placement and construct the rear suspension in a way that does not impede into the seating area. It runs Mercedes front seats and minivan rear seats with ISO fix and baby seat hook all built in. Pretty sure Stuart is going to be the coolest dad on the block with this beast stay tuned for updates as we progress through the build.